2011 was our Centenary Year !!

Records show that in 1911, a request from the South Molton members of  the Volunteer Regimental Band was sent to the Band Master of the Weslyan Mission Band asking if they could join forces. The trustees of the mission band replied to this request, stating that had no objection to this, providing the instruments (18 in all) would be on loan to the band, and would responsible for the repairs and replacement of any of the instruments

Also the band in return should play free of charge for any function in connection with the Weslyan Church, including church parades and Sunday School concerts. So a band meeting was called, and it was decided to agree to the request of the South Molton members of the Volunteer Band, and a letter was written to the trustees of the Weslyan Church, agreeing to their terms, so a new band was formed, and to be renamed South Molton Town Band.

The first chairman was Mr T Westaway, Bandmaster Mr F Bennett, secretary and treasurer  Mr Jim Taylor. It appears that the bandmaster was elected annually, and between  1911 and 1914 there were three,               Mr F Bennett, Mr John Taylor, and Mr William Courtney.

During the First World War the band was kept going with reduced numbers by Mr John Taylor.

100 Years on the band is still very active, and has a good membership.

For the majority of the 100 years the band has been conducted by a member of the Taylor family. In the early years it was John Taylor, and his brother Fred, then John’s son Jack, and Jack’s son Gil, who is the current conductor, and has been conducting the band on and off since 1968.

The band continues to entertain the people of the West Country, taking part in concerts, carnivals  fetes, weddings, and charitable fund raising events, throughout the South West and beyond, including many trips to South Molton’s twin town of Livarot in France.

The band is entirely self supporting and the players travel from all over Devon to attend rehearsals and engagements.

We are a very friendly band and  always welcome more players, so if you play a brass instrument, and would like to join us, please contact any of the members for more information..

               Over the years, the band is proud of its achievements in the contesting world and has recently  been promoted to to 3rd  section after some recent good results at contests.

                                The diary is normally quite full each year, playing at various venues                             in The West Country and entertaining the general public and private functions such as weddings & birthdays.

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